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We assist the development, design and installation of Agricultural and Industrial Systems for Materials Handling, Air Quality and Biomass Energy.

  • Biomass Powered Heating Systems
  • Fuel Storage and Processing
  • Materials Handling
  • Biomass Fuel, Burner Systems
  • Biomass Heat and Power, Gasifiers, Lo Btu Gas Burners
  • Biochar

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Combined Heat & Power

  • Bioenergy Including Biomass and Biofuels, 2020, Chapter 1 in K. R. Rao.ed. “Energy and Power Generation Handbook, 2nd edition.

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Biomass CHP, Opportunities and Challenges, and Biochar Products and technologies.

    2017 Alaska Wood Energy Conference, Ketchikan, April 10-12, 2017.
  • Biomass Heat and Power for Rural Alaska

    Living Building Challenge, December 16, 2014

  • New, Improved, and Emerging Technologies

    2014 Alaska Wood Energy Conference, Fairbanks, Alaska, April 15-17, 2014

  • Bioenergy in Alaska The Next 20 years

    2012 Alaska Wood Energy Conference, Ketchikan, Alaska, October, 2012

  • Small Scale CHP Technology

    2011 Alaska Wood Energy Conference, Fairbanks, AK, April 25-27, 2011

  • What About Gasification for Village Energy?

    Village Energy Flows, ETHOS 2011, Kirkland, WA, Jan 30, 2011

Fuels & Combustion

  • Bioenergy Including Biomass and Biofuels, 2020, Chapter 1 in K. R. Rao.ed. “Energy and Power Generation Handbook, 2nd edition.

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Post-Harvest Handling of Biomass for Success. 2017.

    Invited Session: Equipment for postharvest handling of biomass. ASABE 2017 Annual International Meeting, Spokane, Washington. July 16-19, 2017
  • Feedstocks, Characteristics, Preparation and Pretreatment. 2014.

    Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass, A Specialists’ Workshop. International Energy Agency Bioenergy Task 34, Direct Thermal Liquifaction. Europahotel, Ghent, Belgium, December 8, 2014
  • Feedstocks, Characteristics, Preparation and Pretreatment

    Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass A Specialists' Workshop, Ghent, Belgium, December, 2014

  • Making Chip Boilers Work

    2012 Alaska Wood Energy Conference, Ketchikan, Alaska

  • Fuel Qualities Important to Combustion

    2011 Alaska Wood Energy Conference, April 25-27, Fairbanks, Alaska

  • Workshop: Opportunities for Wood Heat from Forest Residues in Alaskan Communities

    Alaska Wood Energy Conference, November 16, 2010, Fairbanks, Alaska

  • Securing and Handling Biomass Feedstocks

    Biochar 2010, Ames, Iowa

  • Collection, Storage and Prep


  • Workshop - Introduction to biochar: Overview of Markets, Products and Processes.

    Compost 2020, Charleston, South Carolina, January 2020.
  • Biochar Products, Systems, and Processes for Urban Residues, 2019.

    ANZBI 2019. Australia New Zealand Biochar Network, Melbourne, Australia October 20-26, 2019.
  • Introduction to Biochar Products, Systems, and Processes, 2018.

    Biomass Carbonization and Torrefaction Summit, Atlanta, April 16, 2018. Biomass Magazine.
  • Advances in Biochar Products, Systems, and Processes,

    2018 Biocycle West Coast 18, San Diego, CA, March 28, 2018; Forest Products Society, Madison, WI, June 12, 2018.
  • Global Trends in Biochar Science and Technology.

    2017. 2nd China-Asian Workshop on Biochar Production and Applications for Green Agriculture –from Technology to Viable Systems Nanjing, China November 18-21, 2017
  • The Biochar Community: Products and Technologies. 2017.

    Appalachian Biochar Innovation Conference, Moorefield, West Virginia. July 14, 2017
  • Biochar Products, Systems, and Processes for Organic Recycling and Compost Facilities,

    US Composting Council Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2017.
  • Biochar in North America: Products and Technologies.

    2016. International Workshop on Biochar and Sustainable Agriculture China/ASEAN Technology Training on Biochar & Sustainable Agriculture Hanyuan Hotel, Nanjing China, October 18-25, 2016
  • Biochar 2016, August 22-25, 2016,

    Oregon State University. National conference hosted by OSU College of Forestry and organized by T R Miles, Executive Director, US Biochar Initiative. Biochar-us.org
  • Biochar in the Northwest: Technologies. Presentation to the Pacific Northwest Agricultural Show.

    Portland, Oregon, January 17, 2016.
  • Aqueous Contaminant Removal and Stormwater Treatment Using Biochar.

    2016. With Myles Gray and Erin Rasmussen in Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Biochar: Advances and Barriers. SSSA Special Publication 63. M. Guo, Z. He, and S.M. Uchimiya, editors. doi:10.2136/sssaspecpub63.2014.0048.5
  • Methods for Producing Charcoal for Climate Improvement Purposes Biochar Importance from a Combined Soils and Climate Perspective

    with Ronal W. Larson, Ph D. Larson Consulting, Golden, Colorado. 2015. ASABE Climate Change Symposium: Adaptation and Mitigation, in Chicago, Illinois USA, May 4, 2015.
  • Biochar: Applications for Climate Resiliant Communities

    Biocycle West Coast Conference, Portland, Oregon, April 13-16, 2015

  • Markets, Production, and Growth of the US Biochar Industry

    ASA, CSA, & SSSA International Annual Meeting, Long Beach, California, November 4, 2014

  • Biochar - What and Why?

    San Juan Islands Agricultural Summit, Orcas Island, Washington, March 8, 2014

  • Using Biochar in Green Stormwater Infrastructure - Low Impact Development

    Harvesting Clean Energy Conference, Corvallis, Oregon, January 28, 2013

Gasification & Pyrolysis

  • Biomass Gasifiers, Past Present and Future, 2017.

    Biomass Fuel Manufacturing and Application Technology Exchange Seminar, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung City, Taiwan. September 27, 2017.
  • Small Scale Gasification and Pyrolysis: State of Technology and Near Term Opportunities

    Biofuelsand Beyond: Innovative Technologies and Coproducts, Harvesting Clean Energy, Kennewick, WA, February 9, 2010

  • Gasifiers, Past, Present and Future

    Harvesting Clean Energy, Portland, Oregon, January 29, 2008

  • Small Scale Wood Biomass Gasification

    Alaska Wood Energy Conference, November 14-15, 2007, Fairbanks, Alaska

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