T. R. Miles Technical Consultants, Inc.

We assist the development, design and installation of Agricultural and Industrial Systems for Materials Handling, Air Quality and Biomass Energy.

  • Biomass Powered Heating Systems
  • Fuel Storage and Processing
  • Materials Handling
  • Biomass Fuel, Burner Systems
  • Biomass Heat and Power, Gasifiers, Lo Btu Gas Burners
  • Biochar

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Agricultural and Industrial Systems for Materials Handling, Air Quality and Biomass Energy

  • Biofilters for VOC's, vapors, mists, and odors.

  • Fuel, seed and feed bins, conveyors and controls

  • Advanced materials handling systems

    for currency disposal, conveyors, dust collectors, compactors.

  • Hay Dryers and Compactors for Export Markets

    T.R. Miles has developed commercial systems for drying and compacting hay and straw for export since 1975. The dryer and compactor designs have been in commercial operation since the 1990s. Drying systems include custom designs and testing use of moving floor, belt, rotary and suspension dryers for hay, herbs, switch grass, corn stalks, and bagasse. Large handling, processing and feeding systems have been designed for power boilers and biofuel production

  • Straw Utilization

    Innovative process and uses for straw utilization since the 1970s including straw fiber through thermomechanical pulping for hydromulch and wet process boards. He conducted pilot and small industrial scale field testing of system for handling and preparing straw for use as fuels, feeds, fibers, feedstocks for chemicals to test options for the utilization of more than 1 million tons of grass seed straw produced in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

  • Feed Systems for Biomass Energy

    The special expertise of the firm is the development of energy conversion and materials handling systems for wood, straws and food processing residues. Project areas include harvesting and processing of Field Crops and Residues; Harvesting and processing of Forest Residues and Urban Wood; Boilers, Combustion, Carbonization and Gasification; Organic Recycling, Composting and Manure management.

  • Fuel and feeding systems for pulp and paper industries

    United States of America, Canada, India, Thailand

  • Portable Sawmill for Domestic and International use

    Mighty Mite International, Portland, Oregon

  • Systems for Co-firing wood and agricultural residues with coal

    Iowa, Arizona, and New York

  • Oregon Task Force on Tire Recycling

Biomass and Bioenergy

Renewable energy from biomass and wastes

  • Gasifier, Boiler and Melter Feed Systems

    T.R. Miles has contributed to the development of gasifiers for producer gas and synthesis gas in research and industry since 1976. Project areas include installation and operation of small scale and industrial CHP gasifiers from 500 kWe to 5 MWe.

  • Burners and Flares

  • Fuel Preparation and Feed Systems

    Project areas include harvesting and processing of Field Crops and Residues; and design and development of biomass feed systems for gasifiers and biomass energy from 10 kWe to 35 MWe.

  • Alkali Deposits in Biomass Power Plants

    Investigation for industry and US Department of Energy (USDOE)/ National Renewable Energy Laboratories(NREL)

  • Use of poultry litter, crop residues and industrial wastes for fuels, fibers and feedstocks for chemicals

  • Mobile Field Sanitizer

    To prevent disease and convert residues, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Pyrolysis and Gasification for Biochar, Heat, and Power

  • Designed systems for pyroloysis and gasification for biochar, heat, and power

    Projects include development of biomass feed systems for pyrolysis systems, gasifiers and biochar production; installation and operation of small scale and industrial CHP gasifiers and pyrolyzers; frequently presents and reviews papers on biochar production, system design and operation; and developed biochar products and markets for clients.

  • Board member of the International Biochar Initiative (IBI)

  • Board member of the US Biochar Initiative (USBI)

  • Founding member of the Pacific Northwest Biochar Working Group

International Trade and Development

  • FOREST Project

    Sustainable forestry and biomass energy in Siberia and the Russian Far East, Winrock International/USAID
  • Willing Company

    Japan and USA (paper tubes and beverages).
  • Export Oregon

    Oregon's International Trade Information Center 1994-2004
  • Latin American Trade Council of Oregon


The Bioenergy Lists are informal technical mailing lists for organized around the following bioenergy topics:

Created by Center for Renewable Energy Studies (CREST) and later hosted by the the Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP), the Bioenergy email lists have hosted a world wide technical conversation that has nurtured effective, on the ground applications of renewable energy since 1994.

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